Manage your car service many times
more efficiently!

Say goodbye to clunky workshop
management software and paper chaos.
Work faster and save with an all-in-one
cloud solution.

FAVICAR is trusted by many companies!

Why favicar?

The application will help your business reduce
the burden on staff and refuse manual accounting

Unable to accurately calculate the cost of car repairs?

Official time standards will help calculate the cost of work with any car.

CRM and Document Accounting
Customer and Vehicle Data
Select an existing client from the directory or add a new one.
The system will automatically create all the necessary documents that comply with the laws of your country.
Accounting for work and spare parts
Easily and quickly calculate repair costs and write off used parts.
Your manager will be able to find free time and a post for recording in a couple of clicks, create or transfer them without overlapping each other.
Flexible setup
You can customize the posting grid according to your needs, taking into account the time of work, the number of posts and other parameters.
Recording details are always at hand
You can connect the record with the order, and the system will automatically plan its end, taking into account the duration of the work.
Technical documentation and time standards
Time standards
The official guide of time standards from car manufacturers will help you calculate the cost of repairs with maximum accuracy.
Technical data
Get all the data you need: tightening torques, breakup data, amount and type of filling fluids and much more.
Flexible setting
Set your time and cost to the rate of the hour.
Accounting and sale of spare parts
Warehouse accounting of spare parts and materials
Each action is formalized by the corresponding document: receipt, sale, movement, return to the client or supplier, write-off, etc.
Set your own price level for different categories of goods, and automatic markup according to the set rules will help you to comply with it.
Import invoices and integration with CRM
The import of electronic invoices will eliminate errors in warehouse accounting and bookkeeping.
Employee management
Unlimited Users
No hidden fees and charges for additional employees and users.
Differentiation of access rights
Setting user access rights to actions with various parts of the program will protect your commercial data from unauthorized access, copying or accidental deletion.
Accounting for employment and calculation of salaries
The import of electronic invoices will eliminate errors in warehouse accounting and bookkeeping.
Operational reports
Get data on the indicators of your organization with one click.
Analytical reports
Graphs of attendance and profitability for the chosen period of time will help you evaluate the quality of the work of your enterprise.
Resuscitation report
Return your customers with their long absence.

We work with all your favorite tools

SMS mailings
Messengers and chat bots
CRM integration
Online booking forms

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our clients

CEO - SpeedyFix Auto Services transformed my auto service business! Streamlined processes, increased customer satisfaction. Highly recommend!
Technical Director - ExpertCar Mechanics boosted my auto service business! Efficient, customer-friendly, and game-changing.
CEO - AceAuto Repair
Thanks to, my auto service business runs like a well-oiled machine. Highly effective!
Technical Director - PremierGarage Solutions
With, my auto service business reached new heights. Streamlined processes, happy clients!
CEO - ProDrive Service Center
Great service, saves time and money!
Technical Director - FastLane Automotive
I can't imagine running my auto service without It's a game-changer!

Tariff plans

Keeping customers, vehicles and their service history
Single black list
Checking the status of a yur.
Time standards and technical information
Mobile applications
Integration with third-party systems (SMS messaging, call recording)
advanced scheduler
Web service for communication with third-party systems (CRM, etc.)
45 USD per month
for 1 month
40.5 USD per month-10%
for 6 months
38.25 USD per month-15%
for 12 months
Everything in the standard PLUS:
Batch inventory control
Sale of goods (order, retail, return) Movement of goods
Supplier integration
Spare parts pricing
The functionality in the extended package is at the last stage of debugging.
At the end of the temporary access, you can continue to use the functionality of the “Advanced” package for a small additional fee